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What Are Some Ways To Prevent Car Paint Damage? Tips From An Auto Paint Repair Company In Winfield, Illinois

What Are Some Ways to Prevent Car Paint Damage? Tips from an Auto Paint Repair Company in Winfield, Illinois

Whether you’re driving your vehicle or whether it’s parked, cars are always prone to paint scratches. Unless you put a cover over your vehicle every time you park, all it takes is for one object to contact your vehicle and leave a scratch.

At some level, paint scratches are an inevitability. That said, there are some things you can do to lessen the likelihood of paint damage occurring. Are you wondering what these include? This auto paint repair company in Winfield, Illinois is going to explain below.

Park Your Vehicle in a Garage

The outside world contains all sorts of elements, many of which can cause paint scratches. Whether it’s falling branches, inclement weather, or passing vehicles, the entities existing outside can wreak major havoc on your vehicle’s paint job.

This is why, whenever possible, it’s wise to park in a garage. The safer your parking spot, the less chance there is of something in the outside world negatively affecting your vehicle’s paint job.

Apply Wax and Ceramic

Another thing you can do to help protect your vehicle from paint scratches is to cover your vehicle in coats of wax and ceramic. Whereas wax makes your vehicle slicker, thus lessening friction between it and other entities, ceramic offers a protective coat to your vehicle, thereby providing a barrier against other entities.

Most auto paint repair companies in Winfield, Illinois will recommend applying these substances every 3 to 4 months. If you’re consistent in doing so, your vehicle will not only look better, but it will also be more resistant to scratches.

Stay Away from Other Vehicles

The closer your vehicle comes to other vehicles, the more likely it is to contact these vehicles — and if contact is made with another vehicle, scratches are likely to form.

With that said, if you want to keep scratches to a minimum, it’s important to stay a safe distance away from other vehicles. Now, what does this look like in practice? It involves driving with plenty of clearance while on the road. It also involves parking further out into a parking lot so that you’re not directly parked next to other vehicles.

Remove Snow and Ice with Caution

In the Winfield area, snow and ice are commonplace. Most drivers end up removing both snow and ice from their vehicle on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this can leave your vehicle especially vulnerable to scratching. After all, all it takes is a slightly misplaced ice scraper, and suddenly, you’ve got paint damage on your hands.

This is why you should be extremely careful when removing snow and ice from your vehicle. When it comes to snow on the vehicle’s body, your auto paint repair company in Winfield, Illinois will suggest using a foam brush to push it off. As far as ice goes, there’s no need to scrape it off unless it’s on the window.

Use Proper Washing Methods

Our last piece of advice is to use proper washing methods. It’s vital that you wash your vehicle in a careful manner to avoid causing damage inadvertently. You’ll want to avoid using hard objects that cause substantial friction against the paint. Instead, it’s better to use soft objects like microfiber towels.

For more information on proper car washing methods, take a look at this guide. If you follow these steps to a tee, there will be very little risk of scratching your vehicle.

Looking for an Auto Paint Repair Company in Winfield, Illinois?

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