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Common Causes Of Auto Paint Damage: Advice From An Elmhurst Auto Body Repair Shop

Common Causes of Auto Paint Damage: Advice from an Elmhurst Auto Body Repair Shop

While auto body paint is fairly durable, it’s still vulnerable to damage. A number of different entities can cause auto paint to become scratched or faded, negatively impacting the overall aesthetic of a vehicle.

Are you wondering which elements you should look out for? Take it from an Elmhurst auto body repair shop: these are some common causes of auto paint damage.


Have you ever seen a little stone get kicked up by the tires of the vehicle in front of you and go whirring past your window? Those same stones can do serious damage to your auto paint.

While they’re not entirely avoidable, there are some things you can do to minimize your exposure to them. Namely, you can park your car in your garage instead of on the street, and also leave plenty of clearance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Brake Fluid

Another entity that can cause serious damage to a car’s paint is brake fluid. If the paint become exposed to it for any longer than a few hours, it could start to fade and wear away.

As such, if you’re adding brake fluid to your vehicle, it’s important to make sure that you’re adding it carefully. Try to avoid getting it on your hands. If you do get it on your hands, be careful not to touch the body of your vehicle. However, if you do touch the body of your vehicle, it’s recommended that you wash it as soon as possible.


Another fluid that could do serious damage to your auto paint is gas. Like brake fluid, if allowed to sit on car paint for a duration of a few hours, gas could begin to eat right through it, causing it to fade.

Therefore, when putting gas in your tank, you’ll want to be careful to ensure that it’s not dripping out or getting on your hands. Even a small bit can cause damage to your paint job.

Bird Droppings

Have you ever been driving down the road, enjoying a peaceful, sunny day, then you’re suddenly startled by a white splash on your window? You instantly know what it is: bird poop!

While your window will be alright, there’s one part of your vehicle that might not be: the body. Auto body paint is highly susceptible to damage when exposed to bird poop. As such, if there’s bird poop on the body of your vehicle, you’ll want to wash it off sooner rather than later.


Do you ever host or attend bonfires? If so, it’s wise to keep your vehicle at a distance — not only because it’s filled with flammable gas, but because the ashes from the fire could cause damage to your auto paint.


If you are someone who starts your morning drive with a cup of coffee, you’ll want to be extra careful on your way to the driver’s seat. Coffee is an acidic liquid that can cause serious damage to auto paint, eating through it over time and causing it to become faded.

If you do accidentally spill coffee on your vehicle, it’s best that you clean it off somewhat quickly. As long as it’s cleaned off within a few hours, it shouldn’t cause any paint damage.

In Need of Paint Repair from an Elmhurst Auto Body Repair Shop?

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