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Five Substances That Can Harm Your Vehicle’s Paint Job: Insights From An Auto Painting Specialist In Berwyn, Illinois

Five Substances That Can Harm Your Vehicle’s Paint Job: Insights from an Auto Painting Specialist in Berwyn, Illinois

Parking your vehicle outdoors leaves it vulnerable to a wide range of substances. Some of these substances are relatively harmless, while others can have a seismic negative impact on your vehicle’s paint job.

Are you wondering which substances, specifically, can cause damage to your car’s paint? This auto painting specialist in Berwyn, Illinois is going to review five of the most common substances below.

1. Bird Droppings

You’re probably not crazy about touching the bird droppings that land on your car. You’d probably rather they just washed away with the rain. Unfortunately, waiting for this to happen can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s paint job. The longer the bird droppings sit, the more bonded they’ll become to the paint job’s surface layer. This will result in that layer wearing away over time.

In truth, you should remove bird droppings the second you notice them on your car. Your auto painting specialist in Berwyn, Illinois will recommend wetting the area with a hose, then wiping the droppings away with a rag. The sooner you do this, the better.

2. Gasoline

When you take the nozzle out of your gas tank after filling up, gasoline can sometimes splash onto your vehicle. While some people assume this is harmless, it’s important to know that it can result in paint damage. Gasoline can eat away at the surface level of auto paint, causing it to wear and decay over time.

If you do get gasoline on your vehicle, it’s strongly recommended that you wash it off immediately. A wet rag and a bit of soap should do the trick.

3. Insects

As you drive down the road on a summer day, you’re sure to have insects smacking against your vehicle’s windshield and paint job. Naturally, upon impact, these insects stick, leaving an unpleasant liquid behind.

Once this liquid dries out, it can harm your vehicle’s paint job. This is why it’s important to wash insects from your vehicle often. Failing to do so will result in excess paint wear.

4. Sap

Sap is a thick liquid that falls from certain trees. It’s somewhat like syrup, but even thicker. Should sap fall on your vehicle when parked underneath a tree, for example, you’ll need to wash it off immediately. If you don’t, it will dry on, and then pull your paint away when it’s finally removed.

You can remove sap by dousing it in water. Once it’s liquified a bit, scrub it away with a soft towel. Soon enough, it will separate from the vehicle entirely.

5. Coffee

Coffee is acidic in nature. With that said, if you spill it on your vehicle’s paint job, you’ll want to make a quick effort to remove it. Failing to do so can soon result in the coffee eating away at your vehicle’s paint.

If you do not wipe it away in time, your paint job can start to fade around the area, leading to a less and less shiny appearance. In some cases, chips of paint might even start flaking off.

If your vehicle is already suffering from this problem, do not hesitate to reach out to an auto painting specialist in Berwyn, Illinois. They will be able to repair the damaged paint on your vehicle, making it look brand new.

Looking for an Auto Painting Specialist in Berwyn, Illinois?

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