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Six Substances That Could Damage Your Vehicle’s Paint Job: Insights From An Auto Paint Shop In La Grange, Illinois

Six Substances That Could Damage Your Vehicle’s Paint Job: Insights from an Auto Paint Shop in La Grange, Illinois

Auto paint is designed to withstand damage. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have issues with your car’s paint. In fact, auto paint can become damaged easier than you might think, as there are certain substances that can cause significant damage.

Are you curious as to what these substances are? Below, this auto paint shop in La Grange, Illinois is going to discuss six common substances that can damage your vehicle’s paint job.

1. Coffee

Coffee is acidic in nature. Acid has a reputation for eating through various substances. It should come as no surprise, then, that coffee is bad for a vehicle’s paint job.

A splash of coffee that’s immediately cleaned up is not going to do any damage. However, if you spill coffee on your vehicle and never try to wash it off, it could very well cause a portion of your paint job to fade over time.

2. Soda

Like coffee, soda is acidic in nature. Therefore, like coffee, it also has the capability to cause damage to auto body paint. Again, a small bit probably isn’t going to eat through your vehicle’s paint job. However, if you spill an entire can of it on your vehicle, any reputable auto paint shop in La Grange, Illinois will recommend washing it off as soon as you can. If you don’t, paint damage will eventually present itself.

3. Silly String

Let’s say it was your birthday recently, and your kids jumped out of the bushes and sprayed your vehicle with silly string when you pulled into your driveway. While this was likely a welcome gesture, you should know that it could be a harmful one as well — especially if the silly string stuck to your automobile.

If allowed to stick onto a vehicle over a long period of time, silly string could bring paint with it after finally being removed. Therefore, it should be removed from your vehicle as quickly as possible.

4. Bird Droppings

Although we’d like to avoid them, it’s not uncommon for bird droppings to end up on your vehicle. However, bird droppings aren’t just an initial aesthetic blight. As any reputable auto paint shop in La Grange, Illinois will tell you, if it’s not cleaned off swiftly, it can ruin the paint on your vehicle. With that said, it’s wise to clean bird droppings off your vehicle before they have a chance to dry.

5. Gasoline

If you get gasoline on the body of your vehicle, it’s important to clean it off right away. Why is this the case? Because gasoline has the potential to damage your auto body paint. The longer it sits, the higher risk there is of damage occurring.

6. Ashes

The last substance we’re going to discuss is ashes — the ones that come from bonfires and the like. Simply put, if ashes come down and rest on the body of your vehicle, they may very well result in paint damage. This is especially true if they’re not removed in a timely manner.

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