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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Auto Body Damage? A Western Springs Auto Body Repair Shop Answers

What are the Most Common Causes of Auto Body Damage? A Western Springs Auto Body Repair Shop Answers

An automobile isn’t exactly a small investment. In fact, apart from buying a house, it’s one of the biggest investments that most Americans will ever make. As such, if you have an automobile, you’ll want to care for it as well as you possibly can.

Unfortunately, there are a number of elements that can cause damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, you can take measures to avoid these elements. The key is in knowing what they are.

Curious as to the most common causes of auto body damage? This Western Springs auto body shop has you covered.

Bad Weather

One of the most common causes of auto body damage is bad weather. Not only can snow and rain compromise road conditions, causing your vehicle to slip and slide all over the place, but there’s also the danger of falling hail, which can leave dents and dings in your vehicle. Plus, in some cases, severe temperature swings could cause your windshield to crack.

While it’s sometimes difficult to avoid these problems, there are some things you can do to reduce their risk. For one, you can park your vehicle inside (or underneath a cover). For two, you can drive with caution. For three, you can keep bad-weather travel to a minimum, driving only when absolutely necessary.

Errant Stones

Have you ever been driving down the road, following the car in front of you, then a stone suddenly comes flying your way? The next thing you know, you’re left with a dent in your hood. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common occurrence on the road.

Errant stones like these are troubling not only because they can leave dents in the bodies of vehicles, but because they can cause your windshield to crack as well.

How can you prevent this from happening to your vehicle? While there’s no way to stop the problem entirely, you can keep it to a minimum by driving with plenty of clearance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Auto Accidents

Though we try to avoid them at all lengths, the truth of the matter is that auto accidents still occur. These accidents vary from fender benders to full-on collisions, and can cause varying levels of damage to a vehicle.

In some cases, auto damage is minor enough that it can be repaired at a reasonable price. In other cases, the cost of repairs can exceed the value of the vehicle, effectively totaling it.

How can you reduce the risk of auto accidents? The key is to pay attention and drive with caution. Some accidents can’t be avoided, but if you remain aware of your surroundings, you stand a good chance of getting from place to place without any issues.

Parked Accidents

A parked vehicle is a vulnerable one. Not only is it vulnerable to moving vehicles, but shopping carts, baseballs, and a variety of other elements as well. Odds are, at some point, your vehicle will take on damage while in a parked position.

How can you avoid these types of accidents? It’s best to park in your driveway (or garage), and to keep your distance in public parking lots.

In Need of a Western Springs Auto Body Repair Shop?

Has your vehicle recently taken on body damage? Are you in need of a Western Springs auto body repair shop? If so, Lombard Body and Fender is here to help.

We are well-versed in all types of auto body repairs. Regardless of the type of damage you’re dealing with, our auto body mechanics can fix it.

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