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Six Things That Can Damage Auto Paint: Advice From An Addison Auto Body Repair Shop

Six Things That Can Damage Auto Paint: Advice from an Addison Auto Body Repair Shop

Modern auto body paint is built to thrive through all types of trauma. That said, there are a number of potentially traumatic elements out there that could cause paint damage at any time.

Are you curious as to what these are? Take it from a Addison auto body repair shop. Here are 6 things that can cause damage to auto paint.

1. Rocks

One of the most common causes of auto paint damage is rocks. When car tires drive over stones, pebble, and rocks, they sometimes throw them into the air at high speeds. When these flying stones make contact with other cars, they can cause dents, dings, and minor paint damage.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to stop these rocks from coming into contact with your car. The best form of prevention is to keep your car in a garage when it is not in use.

2. Coffee

Imagine this: you’re walking to your car, coffee in hand. All of a sudden, you stumble, and your coffee spills everywhere. Unfortunately, a good bit of it gets on the outside of your car.

Now, you might be tempted to drive off and let the coffee do what it will. However, there’s something you must know: coffee can damage auto paint. Because it’s acidic, if it’s allowed to remain on auto paint over a prolonged period, it can eat right through it.

As such, should you ever spill coffee on your vehicle, it’s recommended that you wash it off as quickly as possible.

3. Brake Fluid

Let’s say that you’re adding brake fluid to your vehicle. As you’re pouring it, you get it on your hands. Then, without wiping your hands clean, you go and touch the hood of your car.

You may not know it, but you could be damaging the paint on your vehicle. Why? Because, like coffee, brake fluid is acidic in nature, and it can eat right through auto paint. As such, if you get brake fluid on your vehicle’s body, it’s important that you wipe it off in a timely manner.

4. Bird Droppings

During the spring and summertime, you might find bird droppings on your vehicle on a regular basis. It’s annoying, but there’s not much you can do to avoid it. After all, you can always just wash it off, right?

Sure. However, if you wait too long, it can cause damage to your vehicle’s paint. For this reason, if you find bird droppings on your vehicle, it’s recommended that you clean them off as soon as you can.

5. G as

Another substance that can cause damage to a vehicle’s paint is gas. Like coffee and brake fluid, gas is acidic in nature. Therefore, if it makes contact with the body of your vehicle, it can cause its paint to deteriorate over time.

6. Ashes

Attend a lot of bonfires? If so, you’ll want to make sure that your vehicle is kept at a distance from the festivities. If the ashes from a fire make contact with your vehicle’s body, they can cause serious damage to its paint. Not to mention, flaming ashes and gasoline don’t exactly play nice.

Utilize the Services of an Addison Auto Body Repair Shop

Has your vehicle incurred paint damage? Looking to utilize the services of an Addison auto body repair shop? If so, we here at Addison Body & Fender are the people to see.

We’ve repainted countless automobiles throughout the Addison area. Regardless of the severity of your paint damage, we can fix it.

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