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Car Repairs In Downers Grove, Illinois: Tips From A Downers Grove Auto Body Repair Shop

Car Repairs in Downers Grove, Illinois: Tips from a Downers Grove Auto Body Repair Shop

At some point, your vehicle is bound to experience paint damage. This is just the natural reality of driving an automobile on public roadways.

The good thing, however, is that auto paint can be repaired, and quite easily at that. Interested in learning a little more about car paint repair in Downers Grove, IL? Then read below. This article has everything you will need to know.

Layers of Vehicle Paint

Before we get into the paint repair process, we’re going to discuss the consistency of auto paint. Unlike house paint or the materials that artists paint onto canvases, auto paint consists of several different layers. The specifics of each layer will be reviewed below.


The primer layer is the base layer of auto paint. This layer is not visible, but it’s still hugely important. In addition to acting as an adhesive for the upper layers of paint, it also protects the vehicle from exterior damage.

Base Coat

The base coat is the middle layer of auto paint, sitting between the primer and the clear coat. This is the layer that provides the vehicle with its color.

Clear Coat

The clear coat is the top layer of auto paint. In addition to giving vehicles a glossy, shiny aesthetic, it also protects the bottom layers of paint from damage. If the clear coat becomes damaged, the layers below will begin to suffer progressive deterioration over time.

Why Might a Vehicle Need to be Repainted?

Vehicle repainting can become necessary for a number of different reasons. The most prominent of these reasons include the following.

It Was Manufactured with a Poor Paint Job

While it’s fairly rare, some vehicles were simply manufactured with poor paint jobs. Either the paint was applied incorrectly, or the vehicle was manufactured years ago and was never equipped with modern auto paint to begin with.

Whatever the case may be, if your vehicle was manufactured with a poor paint job, it’s only going to get worse as time passes. For this reason, you would be wise to have it repainted sooner rather than later.

It’s Experienced Physical Trauma

The most common cause of vehicle paint damage is physical trauma. Whether it be from a stone, a baseball, a neighboring car, or otherwise, physical trauma can cause substantial paint scratching on a vehicle.

If physical trauma has caused paint damage on your vehicle, you should have it fixed as soon as possible. The longer you let it remain, the worse it will get.

The Car Painting Process

Depending on the severity of the paint damage, the car painting process can be either simple or complex. If the paint damage is minor and only existing on a small portion of the vehicle, the painting technicians might be able to repaint the affected area only. If the paint damage is extensive, on the other hand, the painting technicians might need to repaint the entire vehicle.

The only way to know what will be required is to bring your vehicle to your local auto body shop. The auto body technicians will assess the damage and make a determination as to what’s necessary.

In Need of Auto Body Repairs or a Car Paint Repair in Downers Grove?

Is your vehicle in need of paint repair or auto body repair? Looking for car paint repair shop in Downers Grove, Illinois? If so, the auto body specialists with Lombard Body & Fender have you covered.

Our team has repaired the paint on thousands of automobiles, having handled a wide variety of makes and models over the years. Regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, we can provide a professional paint job.

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