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What Are Some Common Causes Of Vehicle Misalignment? Insights From An Auto Body Repair Shop In Cicero, Illinois

What Are Some Common Causes of Vehicle Misalignment? Insights from an Auto Body Repair Shop in Cicero, Illinois

One common problem that can affect the safety, performance, and functionality of your automobile is vehicle misalignment. This is the term that is used when your vehicle’s underlying frame becomes bent and misshapen.

Vehicle misalignment can be caused by a variety of factors. However, some of these factors are more commonplace than others. Are you wondering what these include? This auto body repair shop in Cicero, Illinois is going to review them below.

Running Over Things in the Street

Whether it’s a hubcap from an old car, or a tire that fell off the back of a pickup truck, if you run over a large object and you hit it while you’re driving, it could very well disturb the alignment of your vehicle.

After all, your vehicle is meant to drive on a flat road. It’s not meant to rumble over miscellaneous debris. If it does, there’s a decent chance that its structural frame is going to incur some damage.

Fortunately, this can be repaired at your local auto body repair shop in Cicero, Illinois. Their technicians will have the tools and knowledge needed to get your frame back to normal.

Hitting Potholes

There’s nothing like a deep crater in the road to throw your vehicle off its equilibrium. Potholes routinely result in vehicle misalignments, as they subject vehicles to quick and sudden drops while they’re moving at exceedingly high speeds.

Unfortunately, once you see a pothole in the road, it’s often too late to avoid it. If the weather is bad, you shouldn’t even attempt to swerve out of the way of potholes, lest your vehicle incur ever more damage.

Take the hit and assess the damage. If your vehicle feels a little “off” afterwards, it’s time to have it checked out at a reputable auto body repair shop in Cicero, Illinois. Their mechanics will be able to determine whether any misalignments have occurred, then make any necessary repairs.

Dropping Off of Curbs

Picture this: you’re making a hard right turn out of a parking lot. Suddenly, you drive up onto the curb, only for your vehicle to fall off that curb suddenly. The impact is heavy, and you wonder if something might have been damaged on the way.

This is a common cause of vehicle misalignment. The sudden and sharp drop can put tremendous pressure on your vehicle’s frame, causing it to compress and bend.

In the coming days, keep an eye on various signs of misalignment. These include a rough suspension system, unusual noises, or even a misaligned steering wheel. If you notice that anything’s awry, it’s best to have your vehicle looked at by your local auto body repair shop in Cicero, Illinois.

Being Involved in Car Accidents

Another common factor that leads to vehicle misalignment is being involved in car accidents. Whether it’s a fender bender or a high-speed collision, it can cause damage to your vehicle’s frame.

It’s important to be cognizant of differences in the way that your vehicle performs after the accident. You might feel as though the driver’s seat is off kilter. You might even hear strange noises or feel increased friction in the way that the vehicle operates.

If anything feels amiss, have your vehicle inspected by a professional. Driving on a misaligned vehicle frame can not only affect the functionality of your vehicle but impair its safety as well.

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