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What Services Do Auto Body Repair Shops In Elmhurst, Illinois Offer?

What Services Do Auto Body Repair Shops in Elmhurst, Illinois Offer?

When your vehicle takes on auto body damage (and it likely will at some point), the best thing you can do is take it to an auto body repair shop. These shops offer a wide range of services that can restore the look and functionality of your vehicle.

You might be wondering: what specific types of services you can receive at an auto body repair shop? This auto body repair shop in Elmhurst, Illinois is going to review some of the most popular services below.

Paintless Dent Repair

At some point in time, your vehicle is almost sure to take on a dent or two. Whether it’s because you were involved in a fender bender or because your neighbor’s lawnmower kicked up a rock that hit your vehicle, dents are nearly inevitable.

Fortunately, you don’t always have to spend an arm and a leg to remove them — you can have many dents removed quickly and affordably using the paintless dent repair method. This is a dent removal method where the dents are pushed out from the interior of the vehicle’s body. While it doesn’t repair damaged paint, it does repair dents in their entirety.

It’s not only affordable, but quick and effective as well. If you’re wondering whether the paintless dent repair method could work for your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact your local auto body repair shop in Elmhurst, Illinois.


Maybe your vehicle’s paint job was scratched recently? Perhaps your vehicle was side swiped by a fellow driver? Regardless of the cause, if your vehicle has taken on paint damage, there is a solution.

Most reputable auto body repair shops in Elmhurst, Illinois provide a full range of vehicle painting services. Whether it’s a small paint repair or a completely new paint job, your local auto body repair shop should be able to accommodate you.

Vehicle Realignment

When vehicles are involved in collisions, or when they hit curbs or potholes, it’s possible that their frames can become misaligned. When this occurs, the vehicles’ performance and safety suffer, which creates a dangerous situation for the driver and others on the road.

Fortunately, your vehicle’s frame doesn’t have to remain misaligned. You can have it realigned by an experienced auto body repair technician. Regardless of the extent of your frame’s damage, your local auto body repair shop will be able to get it back to normal.

Parts Replacement

Maybe your vehicle’s bumper was knocked off recently? Perhaps its side mirror was severed? In any case, if one of your vehicle’s auto body parts has suffered irreparable damage, you can have that auto body part replaced.

Who should you turn to for a quick and affordable replacement? Your local auto body repair shop in Elmhurst, Illinois. Most auto body shops work with both aftermarket and OEM parts, ensuring they can accommodate your budget.

In most cases, their mechanics can install your new part while you wait. By the time you’re back on the road, your vehicle will be in its prime once again.

Looking for an Auto Body Repair Shop in Elmhurst, Illinois?

Has your vehicle taken on auto body damage that you’d like to have repaired? If so, and if you’re ready to visit the top-rated auto body repair shop in Elmhurst, Illinois, you’ve come to the right place — Lombard Body & Fender is the place to visit.

We provide all the services mentioned above and more. Regardless of how damaged your vehicle’s body may be, we can provide a solution. Contact us today at (630) 627-8688 to learn more about our services.

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